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Integration of interaction data

Beyond synexpression relationships: Local clustering of time-shifted and inverted gene expression profiles identifies new, biologically relevant interactions

Qian, J., Dolled-Filhart, M., Lin, J., Yu, H., Gerstein, M. J Mol Biol 2001 314: 1053-66. [Paper] [Supplementary material]

Relating whole-genome expression data with protein-protein interactions

Jansen, R., Greenbaum, D., Gerstein M. Genome Research 2002 12: 37-46. [Paper] [Supplementary material]

Integrating interactomes

Gerstein, M., Lan, N., Jansen, R. Science 2002 295:284-287. [Paper] [Supplementary material]

Integration of genomic datasets to predict protein complexes in yeast

Jansen, R., Lan, N., Qian, J., Gerstein, M. Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics 2002 2: 71-81. [Paper] [Supplementary material]

Bridging structural biology and genomics: Assessing genome-wide protein-protein interaction datasets using the structures of known protein complexes

Edwards, A., Kus, B., Jansen, R., Greenbaum, D., Greenblatt, J., Gerstein, M. Trends in Genetics 2002 18: 529-36.
[Paper] [Supplementary material]